The Ideology of Black-Metal

What makes Black-Metal an extraordinary kind of art, is the mutual complementation of music and the ideology inherent in it.
Even if there have evolved multiple different styles in the genre itself over the last couple of years, its artistic part is extremely expressive and emotional as a rule. The music combines contrasts like (evil) euphoria and sadness, light and darkness, peace and aggression; all this on a level seldom or never to be found, as far as we know, in today´s popular culture. Some œuvres in Black-Metal even reach a level that could allow to place them near classical music.
It is not easy to clearly define the Ideology of this genre, because during its evolution it was - and still is - subject to change. Yet there is some common substance: the occupation with occultism, with mythology (be it nordic, celtic, jewish, christian, etc.) and not least with death. The most important component though is satanism in its various manifestations. The latter comprise more or less stupid satan-worshipping as well as forms of "enlightened" satanism, that understand satan for nothing more than a symbol for liberation from values, norms, rules, anachronistic laws and structures, etc. The occupation with these matters opens up a view of the world which is characterized by a self-liberation from "mental patronage" and brainwashing, which is above all applied by religions and churches, but also by mass-ideologies in general (like fashion-styles for example). The dark side of the world is not only not regarded as taboo, but totally accepted and even worshipped. Values and rules (and laws, repectively) are not taken over unquestioned, but judged very carefully; often a personal system of values is developped.
Becoming aware that only very few of our contemporaries share the described kind of thinking, and in the knowledge of creating something musically unique, that only few are capable to understand, or at least of being part of this movement, leads to a somehow elitarian way of feeling and thinking. Its consequence is a more or less open misanthropy, primarily directed against the "sheep" who have to stick to religions and their beliefs, moral values, mass-identities (like fashion-brands or nationalities), because they are too weak to create an identity for themselves, let alone fill their existence with any kind of sense; this misanthropy is often already expressed in outer appearance and behaviour.
From the above it should be clear that the ideals of Black-Metal are not compatible with mass-ideologies like religiosity, nationalism, national-socialism, racism, communism, materialism or anything similar to these, already because the true ideology is far above those conceptions. Similarly, the mentioned elitarian awareness, though absolutely concerning the group of the like-minded, must not be mistaken for Nietzsche´s concept of the Ubermensch, that has already been used too often and often totally wrong: Those who have read Nietzsche would know, that a group of human beings in their actual form can never be subject to this conception; man must be overcome before the Ubermensch can evolve, a totally different kind of human being: at the same time better and worse, crazier and wiser, and in any case - lonely.
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